Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Reasons Why I Love You

Today's update is a two parter. My girlfriend asked me for reasons why I love her, so I decided to write them down....

In list form:

1. You make me smile when you do my laundry
2. You are beautiful when you cook my meals
3. You're smart when you bring me a soda without me asking
4. You are unique in the sense that you don't talk too much
5. You always know what I'm thinking, and you are willing to perform the things that I'm thinking about
6. You make my heart race when you clean the house
7. You somehow enjoy these offensive and degrading love notes, you fucking nutcase.

and in Haiku form:

Why do I love you?
You stay in the kitchen, dear
And you don't know math


  1. HAHA that last haiku was hilarious, going to use that one day soon

  2. had to take a second look, nice.

  3. Nice post, read it to my girlfriend and she lol'ed.

  4. mhmmm, that's how it should be. If only my friend... if only...

  5. Despite this is funny, i can't love a girl like that.

  6. hahaha, I'm going to try some of these on my girl.

  7. I also had to take a second look. Great poetry. Followed by the way. Hope you return