Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Hate The Things You Watch

First of all I'd like to say thanks to all my readers. I didn't expect this blog to take hold so quickly. I've only been doing this a few days now, and to have so many of you following me already and tweeting/stumbling/whatever you do to share my poetry is really a big motivation for me. So thanks to you all!

Now that the sappy shit is out of the way, lets get to some fuckin poetry:

I hate the things you watch, my dear
They drive me fucking crazy
Like I care what Snookie does
Or who's dating Scorsese.
Reality shows
Hollywood hoes
William Dafoes
Justin Bieber's nose
I'm beginning to doze
 How can you watch those shows?!

You know I love you despite your taste
But I'm seriously thinking of becoming chaste
Just from you watching this terrible drivel
I shit you not, it makes my c*ck shrivel.

Yet frown, you should not
Because I still think you're hot
And as R. Kelly would say
I want you in my kitchen all day.


  1. hahaha, man good stuff! that shit is funny.

  2. She watches Bieber? Thats pretty bad =/

  3. haha that was very interesting. nice form of poetry, like iggy said its alsmot like a rap, yet not realli. im intrigued :)

  4. Wow man, these poems are awesome. They hit it on the head, exactly what I used to try to tell my girlfriend. And yet, they are still hilarious too.